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Accountant Support

At BAAS, we pride ourselves on having a proactive relationship with our client’s accountant and can work with accountants to ensure files are presented in formats suiting your reporting, advisory and year-end needs.

BAS and other lodgements

While we are qualified BAS Agents, who can do BAS and other lodgements, we also respect if these functions are packaged with your other support services. For example, we have some clients where we prepare the file, and the accountant finalises the BAS. We can also prepare FBT, TPAR, Super Charge, and other ATO lodgements.

Xero Trainers

Would you like to have a Xero training expert at your fingertips? Our accountant partners use us to help better educate clients on the use of accounting software and other integrated systems. More knowledge at the business end can often make your job easier. We offer one to one training to your clients, and this service can either be “white-labelled” to be a service offering within your business, or referred on to us for direct dealings with the client. 

Some of the more popular topics for these sessions are:

Debt Collection Support

Are clients struggling with Account Receivable processes? Poor cashflow as a result? We have a dedicated team that will be their A/R team, chasing unpaid and overdue client invoices. We can also advise businesses on how to better set up their accounting software to manage overdue bills.

We don’t offer advice to businesses on:

We prefer to direct the client to you for this advice, and we will stick with what we do best.

Human Resources and other Employer Support Professionals

As Payroll specialists, we often work with HR Consultants, IR Lawyers, and other employer-related professionals, to ensure that the payroll data is accurate and complete. This may include:
We don’t offer advice to businesses on:

Business Coaches / Consultants

One of the biggest challenges for coaches and consultants is to obtain an accurate picture of the “actual” performance of the business, due to poor accounts processing. We can work with business coaches and their clients to provide more accurate and meaningful financial data.

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